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How green is your grass?

by on June 4, 2014

If you find yourself disappointed with the greenness of your Long Island lawn, you have more than one landscaping option to produce an emerald turf.

Overseeding is an effective method in producing a green, lush Long Island lawn. By first aerating the turf, you will create small holes that will allow the roots of your Long Island lawn to swell, taking in extra nutrients and moisture. This added intake will increase the grass’ durability and give it a more vibrant color. After aerating, use a seeder to drop an excess of seed all over the desired areas. This process can usually be done by a professional landscaping company.

Another method to get a greener Long Island lawn is through turf dye. Ever wonder how the grass in sports arenas looks so green and healthy? More than likely the landscaping specialists rely on turf dye. This method can also help your Long Island lawn stay green after a particularly harsh summer where the heat has dried the blades out, causing them to pale. Turf dye can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, but you may also want to check with your local landscaping company for a more professional touch.

Whatever method you choose, good luck in getting that green Long Island lawn you’ve always wanted!

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