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Landscaping Tip: Growing a successful avocado tree

by on May 9, 2012

Avocados are a great addition to any meal and can add an interesting flavor to a great number of dishes, but the high costs of this fruit may discourage some people from partaking. Save yourself some money and try growing your own avocado tree! Imagine thinking up a tasty southeast cuisine that would be complete with a perfectly ripe avocado. Instead of running to the store and paying an outrageous amount of money for only one avocado, you can step outside and pick one right off the vine.

If you live in a colder area and the winter months are not ideal for growing, it is wise to start this plant off indoors, making sure to give it the amount of light it would have if it were outside. Place an avocado seed in a medium to large planting pot and keep the soil damp, but not saturated. If you decide to plant the seed outdoors, choose a section of your Long Island landscape that has well-drained soil and in an area where it won’t get too much sunlight, as the leaves can become sun-scorched. It is also important to choose an area in your yard where the avocado won’t have “competition.” It won’t be bad to plant a couple of trees together, but make sure there aren’t any other plants whose roots could be cut off by the roots of your avocado trees.

In the first year of growth, it’s important to keep the tree safe from pests with a mesh fence. Fruits should start to grow after seven months or so, but it could take longer depending on the climate conditions. Landscaping experts also recommend using organic fertilizer after the first year, especially if you notice a yellowish tint to the leaves, indicating an iron deficiency. If you aren’t sure what kind of fertilizer to use or you want to protect your avocado trees from pests and diseases, contact your local landscaping company and have an expert come out to tend to all your landscaping needs.

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