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Lawn Care Tip: Introducing ornamental grasses

by on August 13, 2014

If your lawn is important to you, but you’re not much into mowing or don’t have the time to be constantly maintaining your lawn, ornamental grasses might be a favorable alternative to standard turf grass.

Ornamentals grasses add a lot of character to a Long Island landscape by growing in unique shapes and sweeps. Typically ornamental grasses are bunched or clumped and grow in tight, distinct tufts and sprays that are able to withstand colder weather and still maintain an upright, beautiful form.

Whereas mowing becomes a ritual with turf grasses, ornamentals are easier to sustain when welcomed into the Long Island landscape. Lawn care professionals say some homeowners find ornamental grasses to be invasive, but this is more typical of running grasses which can take over your entire Long Island landscape if not properly attended. Since bunched and clumping grasses rely on seed to expand, it is important to have a lawn care professional either tend to the grass or instruct you on how to prohibit production of excess seeds. Although ornamental grasses are easier to preserve physically, they still need some attention to make sure they do not grow wildly.

Lawn care technicians recommend growing your ornamental grasses through a weed cloth before covering with high-quality mulch. The cloth and mulch will protect against weed germination and keep the seeds of your grass in place instead of blowing off into other areas of your Long Island landscape where perhaps you do not desire ornamental grasses to grow. If this is more trouble than it’s worth, it is possible to find a sterile strain of ornamental grasses that will not produce seed.

If you’re looking for a different kind of lawn and Long Island landscape, call your lawn care company today and find out more about the benefits of ornamental grasses.

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