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Introducing Blue Rug Juniper Plants to your Landscape

by on December 31, 2014

Blue rug juniper plants have become a common favorite on Long Island landscapes because of its unique and distinctive appearance and its low-maintenance qualities. This silvery-blue foliage provides an excellent groundcover for those areas of your Long Island landscape that have dry soil, especially since they are drought-resistant and can grow successfully in direct sunlight. Landscaping experts also recommend blue rug juniper for those homeowners or businesses that want beautiful and sophisticated curb appeal, but don’t want to be bothered with constant upkeep.

Landscaping specialists say this groundcover grows to a height of four to six inches and can spread over a five to six-foot area of your Long Island landscape. The silvery-blue foliage turns purplish-bronze in the winter and is weed- and disease-resistant, especially to those diseases that typically infect juniper shrubs. Blue rug juniper plants are often planted on areas of the Long Island landscape that are sloped, making it easier to create a beautiful Long Island landscape without the perils of slanted Long Island lawn mowing.

Although blue rug juniper plants are already resistant to weeds, it is important to have you or your Long Island landscaping company thoroughly mulch the area before it becomes full grown to deter weed growth. Landscaping experts also recommend keeping the crowns of blue rug juniper plants free of debris such as fallen leaves in order to enhance optimal air circulation.

If you’re looking for a Long Island landscaping option that is different from the rest and doesn’t require too much upkeep, talk to your Long Island landscaping company today about installing this beautiful groundcover.

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