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How to stop Japanese Beetles from destroying your Long Island landscape

by on August 14, 2013

Japanese Beetles are a common Long Island landscape pest, affecting both trees and Long Island lawns alike. While these pests cause issues for your Long Island lawn by laying eggs underneath the soil, the affect they have on trees comes from their own feeding. A perfectly healthy tree or Long Island lawn can be seriously damaged if corrective action isn’t taken by a professional Long Island landscaping specialist.

Japanese Beetles are often found in clusters because their scent attracts more beetles to the area. So even if you see only a few beetles here and there at the beginning of the season, don’t be fooled; over time this population will rapidly increase and have an incredible effect on your Long Island landscape.

Landscaping experts say the best way to protect your ornamentals is by placing a fine netting material over the foliage. However, this obviously is not feasible when you are dealing with a larger tree. If this is the case, professional-grade insecticides need to be utilized to eliminate Japanese Beetle populations. Most Long Island landscaping companies will employ insecticides that are injected into the soil around the tree in order to get the formula directly into the root system. This will cause the Japanese Beetles to die after they consume the treated foliage. And of course, if they die, they won’t have a chance to lay their eggs underneath your soil, saving your Long Island lawn from grubs.

If Japanese Beetles are common to your area, it is important to implement preventative care to ensure your ornamentals and Long Island lawn remains protected. Call your local Long Island landscape company and have an expert help you protect your Long Island landscape!

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