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Create a low-maintenance Long Island landscape

by on October 8, 2014

Having a beautiful Long Island landscape does so many things for us. It gives our eyes bright, beautiful and colorful plants to see, our nose a variety of sweet smells to inhale, our mind a place to which we can escape when the stress of everyday life catches up with us. But sometimes there just isn’t enough time to create the Long Island landscape of our dreams and keep up with a high-demand Long Island landscape setting. Here are some tips to achieve a beautiful Long Island landscape without too much hard work or upkeep.


Mulch has many beneficial purposes and is one of your Long Island landscape’s best friends. Mulch comes in a variety of colors, so you get the advantage of color infused with your other plants. But while it’s just sitting there looking pretty, mulch also combats the weeds that are trying to poke through and create an ugly distraction in your garden beds. Mulch is also making sure that the underlying soil is moist, full of nutrients and keeping your plants’ roots completely covered.


Xeriscaping is especially helpful for those who are trying to conserve or reduce their carbon footprint. The primary reason for xeriscaping is to reduce the amount of water your Long Island landscape needs. Plant flowers that have the same water needs close together so that they can derive moisture at the same time instead of dragging the hose to different areas or having your irrigation system water plants that don’t need that much water. Are there any areas where water drains from a nearby hill? This would be an excellent place for a garden bed! Your local Long Island landscaping company can offer more tips on how to use xeriscaping so that your need to water will be reduced!

Grass Alternatives

There are two grass alternatives that can create the same green, lush look but without the weekly upkeep, need for fertilizers and insecticides and are less expensive than grass seed. Moss and clover make great substitutes for grass! Clover does not need much water in order to thrive and can easily survive periods of drought, unlike grass. This type of ground covering needs infrequent mowing and is not susceptible to insect infestations and damage.

Moss is also a great grass alternative because it grows almost anywhere, even in areas where grass has a difficult time thriving. Moss needs very little watering because it receives moisture from the air, since it has no real root system.

Irrigation System

Plants cannot live without water, so if you want a healthy and vibrant Long Island landscape, you’re going to need lots of water, which means dragging out the garden hose every night. But before you start dragging, your local Long Island landscaping company will be happy to sit down with you and discuss installing an irrigation system that is designed to keep up with your Long Island landscape’s needs. These systems are automated, so you literally have to do nothing.

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