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Creeping Charlie as a Landscaping Groundcover

March 11, 2015

If you’re looking to enhance your landscape with a plant that is both aromatic and easy on the eye, landscaping specialists recommend the common creeping charlie. This perennial has been around for hundreds of years, and is a common fixture in many landscapes all over America, with the exception of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New [...]

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The perfect drought-resistant plants for your rock garden

February 25, 2015

Rock gardens are becoming very popular and common on Long Island landscapes because they are perfect places for plants that can be exposed to long periods of sunlight without becoming dehydrated. Some homeowners use the areas of their Long Island landscape that have dry soil to plant more drought-tolerant plants so the area will have [...]

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Should I hire a Long Island landscaping company to build my walkway?

February 11, 2015

After all the time and money you’ve invested, you might just want to get up close and personal with your Long Island landscaping to really enjoy it. The best way to do that is by installing a walkway. There are many options for this type of hardscape from design to materials. But the best decision [...]

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Spruce up your Long Island landscaping with Mexican pavers

January 28, 2015

Mexican pavers are hand-made clay pavers that come in four different varieties: Saltillo, Super Saltillo, Lincoln and Hacienda. They can be used both indoor and outdoor on walkways, patios, driveways, balconies, and even as kitchen or bathroom tiles. These pavers are ideal because they are available in different shapes and sizes. Saltillo: Prepared from clay [...]

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Lawn Care Tip: Grasses Perfect for Shade

January 14, 2015

Having a shady landscape can be a blessing during hot, sun-filled days when you want to be outside but need a place to unwind without the unrelenting heat of the sun beating down on you. However, your lawn may think otherwise. Grass needs a certain amount of sunlight to thrive and if it does not [...]

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Introducing Blue Rug Juniper Plants to your Landscape

December 31, 2014

Blue rug juniper plants have become a common favorite on Long Island landscapes because of its unique and distinctive appearance and its low-maintenance qualities. This silvery-blue foliage provides an excellent groundcover for those areas of your Long Island landscape that have dry soil, especially since they are drought-resistant and can grow successfully in direct sunlight. [...]

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Kick up your Long Island landscape with a koi pond

December 17, 2014

Koi ponds have always been a popular part of Long Island landscaping designs. They not only add beauty and elegance to a Long Island landscape, but also provide a soothing spot for homeowners to sit and relax while watching these vibrant, playful fish frolic. If you’re looking to add a koi pond to enhance your [...]

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Landscape lighting: Go with LEDs

December 3, 2014

Many people are turning to LED lighting these days to save money and to be environmentally conscious. Little may they know that this same conservation can take place outside the home as well. If you’re looking to add Long Island landscape lighting to your property, LED lighting is a great option. LED Long Island landscape [...]

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Why use Long Island landscaping mulch?

November 19, 2014

If you’ve ever used mulch, you know it can be a bit annoying when pieces of it fall out of the Long Island landscaping beds or children decide to spread bits of it all over the yard and driveway. However, despite the irritating aspects of mulch, it actually has benefits that can be vital to [...]

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Landscaping tip: Lilac shrubs

November 5, 2014

Lilac is often a landscaping favorite because of its fragrance and vivid color. But in addition to its aesthetic appeal, lilac shrubs also serve many other purposes to your Long Island landscape. This aromatic shrub is one of the first to awaken in the spring, setting in motion the onset of the upcoming growing season. [...]

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